Wednesday, May 26, 2010

HSC Activities

Hello group!

Somebody asked me "What are you going to do in the club anyway?"

Realized we didn't quite spell it out yet.

Here are a few ideas. Please do add yours.

1. SketchCrawling

2. Conduct workshops to share knowledge. Example, an internet-savvy member can share how to publish and manage your work online. A pastel-loving member can share his techniques with the group.

3. Visit art galleries.

4. Invite local artists for talks/discussions.

5. Have our very own show.

6. Share learning material - Books, online materials and other resources.

The idea is to draw more, meet new, interesting folks, share knowledge and generally have fun!

That's all from me for the day.

Happy drawing folks!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Inspiration for this club

Apart from the desire to connect with fellow sketching enthusiasts, one of the reasons behind starting this club drooling over sketch blogs over the net and wanting a share of all the fun those folks seem to be having.

Here are a some of my favorite sketch blogs:

1. Urban Sketchers - See the world, one drawing at a time.

2. Elizabeth Perry. This lady's art and motivation to draw are awe-inspiring. Has been drawing everyday, for more than 5 years! Hats off, ma'am.

3. SketchCrawl! Sketchers all over the world unite!

4. Danny Gregory - He started the Everyday Matters revolution. Like one blogger said, he took sketching everyday to a whole new level. Consider joining the Everyday Matters yahoo group for your daily dose of sketchblogging around the world.

So, what is your inspiration? :)

Keep drawing!


Challenges in drawing everyday

Well, I have been trying to get into this habit for a while now. And I have faced one big problem.

I can't wait to finish off a sketchbook and get demotivated and impatient when the last page seems too far away. I like the feeling of finishing something. That moment when you can say "OK, done! What's next?" I end up starting many sketchbooks and each one has a hundred pages or so and they are never full.

Instead, now I've decided to try sketchbooks with fewer pages. Maybe 25-30. I know they are hard to find. (Do they even make such books?) One fun alternative is to make your own books. You can find many resources online. Here are a few:

a. Check out the sewing technique to make books which lie flat.

b. This lady has turned bookbinding into an art.

c. Instructables. Many more posts on this site. Do explore.

Enough chit-chat now. Pick up a pen and draw and don't forget to share your story here! :)

Till next time,

Happy drawing!


Why this club?

Dear fellow drawing enthusiasts,

I have been thinking about why I would like to have a club such as this.

Two reasons mainly:

1. I love clubs. It started with reading Famous Five and Secret Seven I guess. Solving mysteries, have a secret place to meet, drink lemonade, have adventures, go on picnics. It's just too much fun!

2. I love to draw. Been keeping a sketchbook for a little while now and I thought it will be great fun to meet with fellow drawing/sketching enthusiasts. We can share knowledge, techniques, tools, inspiration. We could go out sketching together. We can have shows to show-off our work...well, you get the picture (excuse the pun).

So, that's why :)

If you enjoy drawing and would like to meet fellow drawing enthusiasts, do join the club!

Mail me at with your name and if available, a link to your art work.

Happy drawing!